Deciding Upon a Career…HELP

As a typical INFJ, I have many interests and have difficulty to pursuing a single thing. This can be problematic when deciding upon a career path which is probably why I am at crossroads at the moment doing a bit of everything. My main interests include psychotherapy, illustration and web development.

Each of these career paths will be rewarding in their own way but each also have their own drawbacks and challenges. For example if I pick illustration, I risk financial uncertainty in order to have a career I really enjoy. If I pick web development I will be financially secure but I will find a lack of meaning in my work. Psychotherapy provides me with a sense of meaning and I also really enjoy it but the road to being able to practice is a long one.

As of now I work as a part-time support assistant to an individual with autism. I write a psychology blog. I am doing some freelance MEAN stack development. I paint in my freetime. This way I have been able to incorportate all my interests but eventually I will have to pick a path so that I can truly develop in an area. I don’t really want to be in the ‘jack of all trades master of none’ place. I will always find time for the things I enjoy in my free time but I just want to decide on which of these means enough to work 9am-5pm on.

I’d appreciate any insight anyone else has! Thanks for reading!