Hoorah! Jodie Whittaker Kills It As The New Doctor


It was about time we were blessed with a female doctor, and luckily Jodie Whittaker is absolutely killing it. Her performance as the 13th Doctor reflects the last few doctors before her.

I was truly worried beforehand because if Jodie did not succeed it would give showrunners the get-go to not casts female leads. However, Jodie has proved that she can take this show and give a performance that supersedes some of her male predecessors.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see POC companions! This is the most progressive the show has been in a while, and it makes me proud to be a doctor who fan.

Let me know what you thought of Jodie’s performance. How do you feel about a female doctor?

Incredibles 2 Review | A Feminist Triumph


Incredibles 2 is an enjoyable family friendly story. It has a little something for everyone. It has an enticing overall plot with an unexpected twist. The action scenes in this film were well done, engaging and kept my focus.

I enjoyed the fact that Helen was now in the spotlight as female leads are much needed for young female viewers. Working mothers may also find Helen to be empowering. The character development seen in Violet was also a nice touch. She goes from a very shy girl to a self assured young lady. Not to mention, the mastermind villain is also a woman. The film also highlighted the issue of fragile masculinity through Mr Incredibles reaction to Mrs Incredible being the chosen one. The film is certainly a feminist triumph and milestone in animation – subtly making some social commentary. However, I would have liked to see more development and dimension in the male characters too – whilst keeping the focus on the ladies’ stories.

Overall,  the film was worth the wait and lived up to my expectations but could have taken more risks to bring it up from a good film to a great one.