Endings are some of the most difficult times we come across. The end of a relationship, a job, or even the life of someone close to you can really affect you in unimaginable ways.

It’s important to come to terms with endings. Everything finishes at some point and that is ok. We wouldn’t know how good things are if we didn’t experience losses sometimes. Plus, with every ending comes a new beginning.

Where endings bring despair, beginnings bring hope and hope is the most important thing we have. Hope propels us forward, it provides possibilities and encourages dreams. I don’t think humans would be much of anything if we didn’t have hope.

I hope that the next time you experience despair, you will embrace hope. Dream impossible things.

Deciding Upon a Career…HELP

As a typical INFJ, I have many interests and have difficulty to pursuing a single thing. This can be problematic when deciding upon a career path which is probably why I am at crossroads at the moment doing a bit of everything. My main interests include psychotherapy, illustration and web development.

Each of these career paths will be rewarding in their own way but each also have their own drawbacks and challenges. For example if I pick illustration, I risk financial uncertainty in order to have a career I really enjoy. If I pick web development I will be financially secure but I will find a lack of meaning in my work. Psychotherapy provides me with a sense of meaning and I also really enjoy it but the road to being able to practice is a long one.

As of now I work as a part-time support assistant to an individual with autism. I write a psychology blog. I am doing some freelance MEAN stack development. I paint in my freetime. This way I have been able to incorportate all my interests but eventually I will have to pick a path so that I can truly develop in an area. I don’t really want to be in the ‘jack of all trades master of none’ place. I will always find time for the things I enjoy in my free time but I just want to decide on which of these means enough to work 9am-5pm on.

I’d appreciate any insight anyone else has! Thanks for reading!

Paralysed by Anxiety

I’m currently lying in bed with my heart pounding. I feel like I am suffocating. I don’t really know what the best thing to do is when I experience paralysing anxiety. Do I let myself experience it? Do I try to distract myself?

I have worries in the back of my mind that I don’t really want to acknowledge because I know my anxiety will increase if I think about it. So I’m sort of just concentrating on my breathing. I know this will pass.

Just Write.

I have been putting off writing on this blog due to thoughts about what a blog should look like. I think about how I have to write in a certain way. I think about what a blog layout should be like. I think about having to create an audience for my blog. Blogging has become so overwhelming for me that I haven’t been writing at all!

So this year, I have decided to just start writing. I’m not going to worry about the formalities and professionalism of all this. I am just going to go ahead and share my thoughts and feelings on various matters. I invite you to do the same. I think ‘writer’s block’ is just the way our brain processes the fear of writing. Writing should be enjoyable. Not a chore. So please, just write.

Anyway, I hope I find some people that will care enough to read what I have to say. I hope I find people that I enjoy reading.

Until next time,


Final Space Review


Final space is a beautifully animated space-comedy series created by Olan Rodgers. The show follows the adventures of Gary – a prisoner aboard the Galaxy One. He meets an adorable green alien named Mooncake who is a planet-destroying weapon. Together they try to figure out the mysterious ‘final space’.

The show takes a few episodes to get in to – but if you stick around you will not be disappointed. This show is intelligent, moving and will have you thinking about friendship and life. The characters show interesting, realistic development. There will be moments where you cry as well as laugh. There is definitely some room for improvement but overall this is a charming little series.


Incredibles 2 Review | A Feminist Triumph


Incredibles 2 is an enjoyable family friendly story. It has a little something for everyone. It has an enticing overall plot with an unexpected twist. The action scenes in this film were well done, engaging and kept my focus.

I enjoyed the fact that Helen was now in the spotlight as female leads are much needed for young female viewers. Working mothers may also find Helen to be empowering. The character development seen in Violet was also a nice touch. She goes from a very shy girl to a self assured young lady. Not to mention, the mastermind villain is also a woman. The film also highlighted the issue of fragile masculinity through Mr Incredibles reaction to Mrs Incredible being the chosen one. The film is certainly a feminist triumph and milestone in animation – subtly making some social commentary. However, I would have liked to see more development and dimension in the male characters too – whilst keeping the focus on the ladies’ stories.

Overall,  the film was worth the wait and lived up to my expectations but could have taken more risks to bring it up from a good film to a great one.


My 10 Life Goals to Become a Well Rounded Person

There are a lot of people who restrict their goals to a certain age. I too have fallen victim to this. I believed I had to achieve everything I wanted before 25 else it would be meaningless. Now that I am approaching that age, I realise learning is a lifelong process and life wouldn’t be what it is if we didn’t have any goals left. I have now extended the deadline for my goals to be until the end of my life. By the end of my existence I would like to be able to say I achieved these 10 categories of things:

  1. Become a Licenced Therapist: My ultimate career goal has always been to become a therapist or a counsellor. I have achieved my degree in psychology but have struggled to get a job in the role I want thus far – a lot of it is due to my introversion and social anxiety. I want to work on myself before I ever treat anyone else. I one day hope to be able to do that.
  2. Make an Income Through ThePsychTalk: Since I have been unable to use my degree to become a therapist, I’d like to use it to write. I hope to one day create an income I can survive off of through my psychology blog. It gives me a purpose, a way to help and inform people when otherwise I would be unable to do this.
  3. Publish a Book: Writing has always been a curiosity of mine but I have not made a serious attempt to put my imagination down on paper (or Microsoft Word to be more accurate). I have always created worlds and stories in my head and I hope to find the motivation to put one of these in writing someday so that I can share my mind with others. In fact, I’d like to publish multiple books – but if one is all I manage in my lifetime I will be more than grateful. I first have to learn the ins and outs of grammar as you can probably tell by the quality of writing on this blog. 😉
  4. Learn Software Development: I see myself as a creator and code as another medium to make things with. I would love to be able to build things on my computer some day. I may not ever build anything outstanding and revolutionary but I’m sure there will be some personal satisfaction in seeing an idea I have come to life.
  5. Learn to Paint Well & Sell My Own Artwork: Art is my first love. I wouldn’t say I am the most talented at drawing and painting but I truly enjoy it. It is the only hobby I have ever had that puts me in a “flow” state. I would like to be able to paint well enough to have someone think my work was worth buying. Even if that was not possible, I would relish in the fact that I have created things that can outlast me. Thanks to the internet, they could potentially last forever.
  6. Run in a 10k Race: It is no secret that exercise is essential for a healthy body. There is evidence that aerobic exercise has the same effect on the brain as taking antidepressants. Exercise also helps keep the body and mind in good shape when we reach old age. I’d like to regularly participate in 10k races so that I can reap these benefits. I’m sure there will be times in my life where I fall off this course but for the most part, I would like to maintain this hobby.
  7. Learn the Piano & Violin to Grade 5 Standard: It would be amazing to be able to play the two most beautiful instruments. I would be content with being able to play them to grade 5 standards. The main reason for this is actually to keep my brain in good condition as learning new instruments improves cognition. However, being able to impress with this skill is certainly a bonus.
  8. Learn 3 Foreign Languages (German, French & Spanish): The reason for this is the same as the reason for learning instruments but of course, this skill will come in handy if I am ever in countries where these languages are spoken.
  9. Learn to Cook/Bake 30 Recipes Perfectly: Food is one of life’s greatest joys. I would love to be able to make myself exquisite meals so that I can keep eating out to a minimum. Plus, there is no greater feeling than seeing people’s eyes light up and their mouths watering at a well-made meal.
  10. Read Great Books, Watch Great Films, Play Great Games: All great creations are inspired by other great creations. This is why I think consumption is important. I want to get to experience the best of human imagination while I am alive. Life without art would be quite a bland existence.

Like I said, I have no set time to achieve these goals. I will just be continuously working towards them until the end of my life and I will post my journey on this blog. My goals may change, which is okay! Our desires and dreams always adapt to our circumstances. I think working towards these goals will provide satisfaction for me, I have tried to cover the main areas of life which I find important – career, education, exercise and art. I’d like to invite you all to consider your priorities, passions and curiosities in life and make goals in relation to those. Also, consider throwing out your age-restricted milestones. Just keep doing the next right thing until you achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter when you get there, the journey is what makes success enjoyable.